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Amman hosts meeting to counter Daesh financing

Amman hosts meeting to counter Daesh financing

AMMAN — Jordan hosted on Sunday the 9th meeting of the Counter ISIL (Daesh) Finance Group, which aims to dry up the terror group’s sources of funding in preparation for its complete elimination, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

During the meeting, which was attended by 110 representatives of member countries and observer states, participants discussed progress made in efforts to block sources of funding the group’s terrorist operations, particularly after its military defeats in Syria and Iraq. 

Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) Governor and Chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing National Committee Ziad Fariz stressed in his opening remarks that depriving Daesh from the core nerve of its work, money, is particularly important, as well as depriving it from the use of oil resources and other operations that fund its activities.  

Fariz said that Jordan, like any other country, has suffered from terrorism, which is why it has taken responsibility for combating the funding of terrorist groups. He stressed Jordan’s commitment to this approach and the need for joint action to combat Daesh.

He said that the inclusion of the sponsoring countries of Italy, Saudi Arabia and the United States was important in reviewing the progress achieved in the counter finance fight, and the legal and administrative procedures followed by member states towards that end.

Participants were also expected to exchange information and ideas on methods used to combat the funding of terrorism.

Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing in the United States Department of the Treasury Marshall Billingslea conveyed the US government’s appreciation of the close relationship it enjoys with Jordan and the CBJ in combating terrorism financing.

Billingslea said that Daesh has been destroyed, having lost 95 per cent of the land that it has previously controlled and nearing the loss of remaining holds. He added that the meeting aims to discuss the end of Daesh and steps to deprive the group of their sources of funding.  

He noted that the meeting was planned to focus on various topics, including intelligence regarding Daesh sites and their activities as well as the activities of other terrorist groups present in Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia and other countries apart from Syria and Iraq, according to Petra. 

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