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Arab ministers okay urgent aid to Yemeni, Somali health sectors

Arab ministers okay urgent aid to Yemeni, Somali health sectors

Arab health ministers decided to provide healthcare sectors in the war-torn Yemen and Somalia with urgent financial aid.

The decision was taken at the conclusion of the 49th session of the Arab Health Ministers Council in Cairo Thursday.

It council announced that it would allocate USD 100,000 for health ministers in each of the two countries to help them purchase the desperately needed medicine and medical supplies.

It also approved Egypt’s proposal to establish the Arab Health Training Institute and entrusted the Technical Secretariat to coordinate with Egypt to put this proposal into effect.

It instructed the technical advisory committee on health legislation to prepare an Arab health insurance draft law.

It decided to ban smoking in public and closed places areas as well as to ban promotion of any tobacco product. This resolution would referred to the next Arab summit in Riyadh for final approval.

It called for holding a joint meeting of Arab Ministers of Health and Social Affairs to finalize the elderly people care strategy at the end of 2018.

The council discussed two other proposals submitted by Kuwait on upgrading adolescent healthcare services and expanding online health services.

It asked the Kuwaiti delegation to prepare the necessary studies on these two proposals for deliberation in the next session. (pickup previous) mfm.hdr.ibi

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