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At least 7 killed in landmine attack in central Somalia

At least 7 killed in landmine attack in central Somalia

At least seven people including six members of an extended family were killed in a roadside blast in Bula-burte district in Hiraan region of central Somalia on Monday.

Abdi Dahir Gure, Bula-burte District Commissioner, confirmed the incident, saying a father and mother including their four children were among those killed in the latest landmine attack by al-Shabab militants.

“Landmine explosion which occurred near Bula-burte town today killed seven people; six of them were members of the same family. The family was carrying four children who were suffering from measles and were heading to the town,” Gure said.

He said the insurgents who had planted the landmine on the road were targeting a convoy of army vehicles using the road.

No group has claimed responsibility for the latest attack but al-Shabab militants often stage such roadside attacks as part of efforts to dislodge the Western-backed government from power.

The latest incidents occurred amid heavy fighting between the militants and Somalia National Army backed by the African Union peacekeeping troops in Bula-burte since Sunday night.

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