Dhaqtarka Dumarka Musalsal Carabi oo qosol badan

Dhaqtarka Dumarka Musalsal Carabi oo qosol badan This show is about a young gynecologist (Mustafa Shaban), a ladies man who finally decides to settle down and get married. But on the night of his wedding, his past comes back to haunt him and all his scandals are revealed. With his world turned upside down, he becomes convinced that if he wants to live his life in peace then he must first reconcile with his past. Meanwhile, the doctor’s sister (Sabreen), who is more like a mother to him, stands by her beloved brother.

During the evenings of the month of Ramadan, after the Iftar meal is eaten to break the day’s fast, families across much of the Arab world watch these special dramas on television. Arab satellite channels broadcast the programs each night, drawing families who have gathered to break their fast. Most musalselat are bundled into about 30 episodes, or about one episode for each night of Ramadan, These television series are an integral part of the Ramadan tradition

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