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Chinese envoy tours health facility for Somali children

Chinese envoy tours health facility for Somali children

Chinese Ambassador to Somalia Qin Jian on Tuesday visited China-funded health facility in Mogadishu’s Wadjir district where about 15,000 Somali children are receiving medical care.

The Mother to Child Care project run by the UN children’s fund (UNCIEF) benefited from 2 million U.S. dollar donation from the Chinese government.

Speaking during the tour, Qin reiterated his government’s support to Somali people, adding that Beijing has also given donations worth 1.5 million dollars to people whose lives were affected by floods in the country in May.

The Chinese envoy commended UNICEF officials in the country for effectively utilizing the money.

“We are supporting Somali development projects, humanitarian assistance, peace and also giving out scholarships,” Qin said during the tour of the facility.

UNICEF Deputy Representative to Somalia Jesper Moller thanked the Chinese government for the donation towards the construction of the health facility.

Moller noted that the project has benefited 1,500 children who were initially suffering from malnutrition since inception.

“We are very happy and proud of our relationship with the Chinese government that will go a long way in helping save lives of children in the country,” he said and appreciated the good working relationship with the Chinese government.

According to Mohamed Ahmed, a Medical Coordinator at the health facility, the newly refurbished center treated 35,356 children last year.

“We screened a total of 34,784 children, 1,422 children were treated with severe malnutrition and 74 were hospitalized last year,” Ahmed said.

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