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Court rules 3 Westgate Mall attack suspects have case to answer

Three suspects accused of masterminding deadly Westgall Mall attack in 2013 have a case to answer, a Nairobi court ruled on Monday.

Mr Ahmed Abdi, Mr Liban Omar and Mr Hussein Mustafa were put on their defence by Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi. The court freed a fourth accused, Mr Adan Dheg.

The attack carried out on September 21, 2013 in the upscale Nairobi mall left 67 dead and several others wounded.

The four had been jointly and separately charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act, among other charges.

The case will be mentioned on January 21.​

Their trial started on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 over the mall siege that was claimed by the Somalia-based terror group Al-Shabaab. 

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