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CPC blasts Farmajo for troop deployment in Beledweyne

The Council of Somali Presidential Candidates (CPC) has condemned the Federal government’s decision to deploy Haram’ad and Gorgor special forces in Beledweyne, the capital of the Hiiraan region, saying that the move will undermine the prospects for dialogue and the electoral process.

The statement singles out President Farmajo for manufacturing the latest escalation in Beledweyne

“The council of presidential candidates condemns the instability created by the out-of-mandate President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.”

The Council also blasted military leaders for disregarding the resolutions reached the latest NCC meeting, which ordered military officers not to engage in politics.

“ Commanders of the armed forces appear to be disregarding the decisions made by the National Consultative Council and the calls by the Somali people and the international community for them to stay out of the country’s politics.”

The CPC called on the Somali PM, Mohamed Hussein Roble, to intervene and ensure that the Somali military adheres to the NCC resolution.


Read the full CPC statement here:

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