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Deni nullifies decrees issued by Puntland VP Karash

Puntland regional President issued a decree on Monday that invalidated any directives by Vice President Ahmed Karash.

“I hereby declare that any decree issued by the Vice President Puntland while I am in the country Somalia shall not apply. Therefore, I urge all government agencies to carry out their duties and not comply with any decree inconsistent with the Constitution and other regulations of the Government Puntland as stated in Article 138, paragraph 2 of the Puntland Constitution.”

Deni’s decree comes as Karash took over the role of the Puntland Presidency following Said Abdullahi Deni’s arrival in Mogadishu to vie for the Somali Presidency.

On Monday, Karash appointed ‎Faysal Sheikh Ali Mohamed as the governor of the Mudug region, replacing the former governor of the Mudug region, Abdulaziz Musa Nur (Sanyare). The latter was just elected to the parliament.


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