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Deputy Speaker: Jawari to face impeachment motion March 31

Deputy Speaker: Jawari to face impeachment motion March 31

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abdiweli Sheikh Ibrahim Mudey has announced that the motion to impeach current House Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari will be tabled by the parliament in less than a weeks time.

The Office of the First Deputy Speaker released a statement on Sunday announced that the controversial impeachment motion will go to a vote on March 31st after nearly a week of high stakes politics culminating in the political crisis between Somalia’s Legislative and Executive arms.

A joint statement by the UN, AU, EU, IGAD among other countries called on cooler heads to prevail in the looming political crisis.

Mudey called  for all Federal MPs currently out of the country to return to Mogadishu no later than March 29th to participate in the proceedings.

A statement by Somalia’s Upper House outlined that the vote shall take place within 10 days, failure to do so will lead to the annulment of the impeachment motion. The Parliamentary Standing Committee is charged with preparing the programme for the vote. MPs will then decide by a secret ballot on the fate of embattled speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari.

Mohamed Osman Jawaari has publicly accused the Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire of orchestrating the impeachment vote and maintains that the PM spearheaded a ‘police raid’ on Parliament. He has vowed to stay on as the House Speaker- a post he has held since 2012 until he is voted out.

“I came here by ballot according to the law and will leave this office in accordance with the same law,” he defiantly told reporters earlier this week.

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