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Donald Trump’s Mental Health: A Top Psychiatrist Says Of Trump That There Is ‘Sadism In Everything He Does’

Not unlike Marquis de Sade, a psychiatrist has insisted that along with Donald Trump's narcissistic temperament, there is also a dangerous element of sadism involved in the president's actions.

Not unlike Marquis de Sade, a psychiatrist has insisted that along with Donald Trump’s narcissistic temperament, there is also a dangerous element of sadism involved in the president’s actions.

The verdict on Donald Trump’s mental health appears to be dire, as a top psychiatrist has just said of the president that there is “sadism in everything he does.” And while there has been plenty of discussion over Trump’s narcissistic nature over the years, this could be a potentially dangerous time for the United States if Donald Trump is to stay in office and remain in the White House.

The Intellectualist has reported that Dr. John Gartner, who was a top professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, has recently suggested that along with Donald Trump’s narcissistic qualities, there is also a frightening element of sadism about him.

“When I first started talking about Trump as a malignant narcissist, people could see the narcissism, the paranoia and the antisocial element. But the fourth component of malignant narcissism is sadism.”

Dr. Gartner further noted that Donald Trump’s mental health is, in his opinion, in a very bad state and that the president appears to take great pleasure in what other people may consider to be horrific and insensitive acts, such as when Trump chose to separate parents from their children who were attempting to cross the American border earlier this year.

“You see it in everything he does, from the separating of the children at the border to how Trump tortures anyone who doesn’t give him what he wants. There’s a way in which he takes a kind of manic glee in causing harm and pain and humiliation to other people.”

With regard to Donald Trump’s mental health, Dr. Gartner doesn’t believe that the president’s issues can ever truly be fixed as, after all, malignant narcissists do not normally tend to change much over time. In fact, in many cases, they only grow worse. This is especially the case with those who hold prominent positions in life and have power. So with individuals like Donald Trump, the boundaries between reality and psychosis are often blurred.

“They also become more unrestrained in their sadism and in their will to power. Malignant narcissists like Trump are antisocial and have a willingness to do anything to get and keep power. The noted psychologist Erich Fromm actually argued that such personalities then begin to verge on psychosis at that point, becoming so grandiose and paranoid that they really live on the boundary of psychosis and reality.”

While psychiatrist Dr. Gartner has stopped short of calling for Trump to be placed in a facility, he does note that the president is most likely not in a fit state to be in the White House and in charge of things like nuclear weapons.

“Cognitive deterioration only goes in one direction. It doesn’t stand still and it doesn’t get better. No, Trump is not ready for the nursing home. But that doesn’t mean he’s capable of managing the White House. Once you factor in nuclear weapons the possibilities are truly horrific.”

If you find yourself wondering whether there will be a happy ending to this story, Dr. Gartner does not believe this will be the case, especially if Donald Trump’s power is challenged in any way through either war or impeachment.

“It all reminds me of the saying about how people go broke very slowly and then all at once. I think that’s what we’re heading for right now. What if there is a global crisis like a war? What if Trump refuses to step down, if he is impeached and convicted? It is a coup that is not moving slowly anymore. It is accelerating.”

With Donald Trump’s mental health and alleged narcissism on many people’s minds today, it appears that sadism can also be added to the list, according to this psychiatrist.

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