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Fargo man becomes 4th candidate for mayor

A Fargo man, who describes himself as a community activist, is in the race for mayor.

Hukun Dabar, A Somali-American who moved to Fargo in 2014, who is also a small business owner, announced his candidacy for mayor on Tuesday.

“What I see in the mayor’s office is a way to bring hope and help to the people of Fargo,” Dabar said. “I am someone who can connect people to resources and opportunities through the city. Especially during a pandemic, folks need leadership they can count on,” Dabar continued.

Dabar said his major priorities would be to end special assessments, establish a workforce development department within the city administration, and introduce a free metro transit option for the homeless and individuals traveling to job interviews.

“I have a track record of connecting people to jobs, and I want to bring that expertise to city hall. Our city government needs to be one of providing opportunities to its citizens,” Dabar added in his written announcement. He told KFGO News that he would also like to eliminate special assessments, which he said are a burden to Fargo families.

Dabar has received humanitarian awards from both the Moorhead Human Rights Commission and the Fargo Human Relations Commission. He said he co-owns a mental health services business.

Mayor Tim Mahoney is running for another term. Others who have announced for mayor are City Commissioner Arlette Preston and businesswoman, attorney and Republican State Representative Shannon Roers-Jones.

The city election is in June.

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