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Farmajo: Major changes to judicial system

 Farmajo: Major changes to judicial system

President Mohamed Abdullahi said his government is committed to establishing an independent judiciary system which will serve the Somali public across the nation.

Somalia has been lacking proper investigation and prosecutorial mechanisms since the fall of the central government in 1990, making it difficult to deal with criminal cases in the country.

During his throne speech, President Farmajo noted the need for consolidating a judicial system that protects the rights of the citizens to enjoy justice.

“I have concluded long-term study on the judicial system of the country. Now it is time to fix it and soon there will change to our justice system,” said President Farmajo.

Civic societies have long campaigned for changes to the justice system, which they say suffers from corruption and low public trust.

During a visit to Nairobi earlier this month, the Minister for Justice, Hassan Hussein Haji said his ministry is collaborating with its partners in different countries to rebuild the judicial systems.

“As we rebuild our systems, we remain indebted to the Kenyan Government for the role it has played in the past and continues to play today as we rebuild our country. As a government, we have so far been able to achieve a significant sense of security, political and economic stability in our country. We are now focusing on developing our judicial systems and look to learn from Kenya which has a strong system built over the years,” Haji stated.

Somalia’s judicial system, all with all other state institutions collapsed in the 1990s when the government led by Mohamed Siyad Barre was overthrown.

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