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Former Defense Minister elected as Lower House Speaker

Former Defense Minister elected as Lower House Speaker

The Somali Parliament has elected a new speaker to replace Mohamed Osman Jawari resigned in a bitter dispute with Executive members led by Prime Kheire in March.

Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdirahman has been elected to head the People’s House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia in the third round following the withdrawal two candidates.

Mr. Mursal has garnered 147 votes during Monday’s election which participated by 266 MPs, emerging ahead  of Ibrahim Isack Yarrow who got  118 votes

Following his election, he will guide the House for the next three years.

Abdirahman who was elected from Southwest state has been serving as country’s Defense minister till last week when he resigned from the post to stand for the election.

Full Results:

Mohamed Mursal: 93 votes
Ibrahim Isack yarow: 69 votes
Abdiaziz Hassan Lafta-green: 54 votes
Ali Sheikh Mohamed: 16 votes
Shariif Mohamed Abdalla: 19 votes
Salim Aliyow Ibrow: 7 votes
Mohamud Moalim Yahye: 7 votes
Idris Abdi Takhtar: 3 votes
Iman Abdullahi Ali: 3 votes
Shariif Sheikhuna Maya: 5 votes.
Shariif Mohamed Abdalla: 19 votes

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