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Former PM calls for dialogue to resolve escalating political row in Somalia

Former PM calls for dialogue to resolve escalating political row in Somalia

Former Somali Prime Ministef, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke has called on Somali leaders to resolve their differences through constitutional and peaceful means.

In an exclusive interview with Hiiraan Online, Sharma’arke warned the ongoing political crisis would threaten to derail the progress achieved by Somali government.

“In fact, this issue needs urgent intervention, because if it escaltates this way, it is going to cripple the House business. If the (ongoing) attempts fail then I would have suggest the House to carry out voting in accordance with the House Standing Orders and the Provisional Constitution,” proposed Sharma’arke .

The Former PM lauded the Upper House’s initiaves to mediate the sides.

” I appreciate the remarkable efforts of the Upper House to mediate and ease the situation,” said  Sharma’arke.

On Sunday, the Senate called on the opposing factions to resolve the differences noting it was ready to oversee and facilitate the voting process.

DP World deals

Weeks after the contraversial DP World deal led diplomatic row between the governments of Somalia and United Arab Emirates  (UAE), Sharma’arke has criticised the government’s failure to address the issue.

” I want to make clear that the era of previous governments include my tenure of the premiership, there was no agreement we signed with DP World, both Berbera and Bosasso deals were inked after March 2017, therefore the responsibility is upon the current government” explained Sharma’arke.

Early this month DP World unvailed tripatite shareholding agreement that grants 51% stake as Ethiopia which was included secured 19% while the breakaway Somaliland received 30% of the shareholding.

Somaliland Assembly endorsed the $442 million concession for DP World in 2016 that would grant the Dubai based port operator to control Berbera Port for 30 years.

P&O Ports which subsidiary of DP World also signed a $339 million 30-year concession with Puntland State last year to operate Bosasso Port.

Somali Parliament nulified both deals and banned the DP World company from the country in a resolution issued in thos month.

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