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Former Turkey Ambassador appointed as Special Envoy for Somalia-Somaliland talks

Former Turkey Ambassador to Somalia, Dr Olgan Bekar, has been nominated as the Special Envoy for Somalia- Somaliland’s on and off dialogue.

Turkey has been keen in its efforts to end the differences being experienced between Somalia- Somalialand for the last six years.

Somalia’s ambassador to Turkey, Jama A Mohamed, welcomed the move saying that it will be of great benefit.Ads By Google

“It was a great pleasure to meet Amb. Bekar in Ankara and he briefed me on his new role. He played an important role in strengthening Somali-Turkish ties. I assured him of our support to him as Turkey’s new Special envoy to the Somalia-Somaliland talks,” said Mr Mohamed, in a tweet.

Amb. Bekar has been ambassador to Somalia for four years before his tenure ended last month.

In the past, Turkey has been excepted from the peace talks with claims that it would favor Somalia against Somaliland.

This caught the attention of Turkey deputy prime minister Hakan Cavusoglu who raised concern about the move sayi g that they also wanted to be part of the peace talks.

The talks have lasted six years and were started when the London Conference on Somalia, held at Lancaster House on February, resulted in a communiqué.

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