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Gunmen attack lawmaker in Garowe ahead of federal elections

Gunmen attack lawmaker in Garowe ahead of federal elections Garowe – At least two soldiers were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a candidate running for the Lower House of Parliament in Garowe.

Mohamed Farah Nur (Mohamed Dheere) survived the assassination attempt, and his bodyguards are expected to recover.

There are reports that the candidate suffered minor injuries, but this has not yet been confirmed. 

The attack is said to be based on a dispute over the HOP-192 seat, which is expected to be held in Garowe on Wednesday. 

Dheere received his candidacy certificate from Puntland’s regional electoral commission on Tuesday. He was reportedly guaranteed his seat through backroom dealings with Puntland’s state government, sparking outrage among other candidates.

Mohamed Dheere is a longtime member of the Puntland State Parliament, stepping down late 2018.

It is not immediately clear whether the election for the hotly contested seat will be postponed following the shooting, but delegates in Garowe are expected to elect federal lawmakers on Wednesday.



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