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Heavy rains paralyze transport in Mogadishu

Heavy rains paralyze transport in Mogadishu

Heavy rains disrupted transport in the Somali capital Mogadishu as vehicles were unable to manoeuvre through flooded roads in the city.

 The rains that started last night left flood-prone areas submerged, with concerns on the fate of Internal Displaced Persons living in and around the capital.

 The rains have been pounding the city for better part of Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The Turkish constructed major roads in the city have been inundated with heavy floods as a result of poor drainage in the capital.

Mogadishu residents flooded social media with pictures and short videos of their flooded neighbourhoods, streets and roads, with many imploring the government of Somalia to fix the drainage systems.

Mohamed Osman Haji, a resident of Mogadishu said the rains left major roads flooded, rendering impassable and inaccessible.

 “The roads flooded as rains have been pounding the capital till Sunday. Floodwaters filled major streets leading most of the public vehicles not operate due to the heavy floods,” he said.

While the entire city was under water, some of the flood hotspots included parts of Wadnaha road, Bulahubay, 21st October road, some parts of Maka-Almurakamma, Sinai, Industrial roads as well as roads in Wadajir and Dharkaynley districts.

Ali Mustafa Mohamud, a PSV bus driver said the transport was grounded in several areas in Wadajir and districts following heavy rains over this weekend.

Mogadishu residents walk through the city. Flooding has made travel in and around the capital extremely difficukt.

“As we speak now, most roads are impassable, especially in Bulahubay and Wadajir suburbs. There are some areas in Bakara and Blacksea neighbourhoods, which have also been affected. Since it is still raining, we cannot be certain about how the situation will be,” he said.

Many auto-rickshaw operators did come to the town due to impassable roads.

 Ahmed Alas Ghedi, one of the riders in the town, said the rains inconvenienced him as he was to take several clients to work as he does every morning.

“I am still at home. I cannot come out because of the rains. It is raining heavily and I am already at a loss since I have clients that I usually take to their workplace,” he said.

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