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Hirshabelle VP says deployment of Somali special forces will not influence elections

The vice president of the Hirshabelle administration Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Dabageed, said that the federal government deployed troops to Beledweyne to ensure security.

Yusuf Dabageed also claimed that the arrival of the troops would not interfere with the upcoming Lower House elections in Beledweyne.

“I declare that the election of the 25 seats in Beledweyne will not be looted by the troops who arrived in Beledweyne today. Do the work as you have done in other regions, ”said Yusuf Dabageed.

The VP also said that his administration has met with concerned community members and reached an agreement, vowing to implement their promises. However, he did not elaborate on what the deal was. 

Yusuf Dagabeed also called on politicians who have held various positions in the Somali government and HirShabelle administration, urging them to give time to the current leaders and not make the situation worse. 

The statement from the vice president of Hirshabelle comes as politicians from the Hiiraan region blasted the federal government’s decision to deploy elite Turkish-trained special forces to Beledweyne. 


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