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HISTORICAL: Four Somali-Canadians to contest for Parliamentary seats in upcoming poll

Four Somali Canadians are running for Federal Parliamentary seats this week in Canada, a historical feat for the four who were once refugees.

Four Somali Canadians are running for Federal Parliamentary seats this week in Canada, a historical feat for the four who were once refugees.

The 43rd Canadian General election slated for October 21 has attracted the highest number of candidates from the Somali extraction as they seek to represent their constituencies in the House of Commons.

Notable to many is Ahmed Hussein, the ministry of Immigration and Citizenship. The candidates are as follows:

Ahmed Hussein

Born in Mogadishu, Hussein and his family relocated to Kenya before settling in Canada.

He was elected for the first time to parliament in 2015 representing York South-Weston on Liberal Part of Canada ticket.

With a 46% win (20,000), Hussein became the first Somali Canadian MP and later made another first- Immigration Minister in 2017.

Hussein will be defending his seat in the same Liberal Party ticket.

Habiba Mohamud

Habiba is seeking to represent Edmonton Griesbach on Liberal Party ticket.

A Ph.D. holder in Sociology from University of Alberta, Habiba has served as a public servant for the Government Alberta contributing to evidence-based policy development.

According to her campaign profile, Habiba has served as a board member with numerous committees and non-profit societies, assisting to facilitate intercultural reconciliation and relationship-building.

In 2018, she was honoured to receive the Premier’s Public Service Award, in recognition of her work in the area of public policy innovation.

Fluent in English, Somali and Swahili, Habiba devotes much of her time to volunteering with community and grassroots organizations serving youth and immigrant communities.

Abdul Abdi

Abdi is a Conservative Party candidate for Ottawa West-Nepean constituency.

He is a veteran police officer with 15 years’ experience. According to his campaign profile, Abdi took unpaid leave to campaign for the upcoming federal election.

Abdi studied political science at the University of Ottawa and has served variously in community service including as a youth worker and a coach.

His candidature is anchored on ensuring that parents are able to raise their families in safe neighbourhood, free from drugs, guns and gangs.

This will be his second short at the parliamentary seat.

 Naima Farah

Naima is running for a parliamentary seat to represent Etobicoke North constituency where she has been a resident for over 20 years.

She is a community worker, youth counsellor and human rights advocate.

According to her campaign profile, Naima to ensure everyone, young and old can thrive and reach their full potential.

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