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Jaceyl bilaa xuduud ah

Jaceyl bilaa xuduud ah Part 21 – Musalsal Xul ah

Jaceyl bilaa xuduud ah Part 21 – Musalsal Xul ah Waa Musalsal qiso macaan leh oo aan noociisa horay loo arag.

Musalsal shared the same fate with many of the national cinemas of the 20th century. Film production wasn’t continuous until around the 1990s and the film market in general was run by a few major import companies  that struggled for domination in the most population-dense and profitable cities such as Hollywood.

Musalsal Af Soomaali drama is gaining reputation around the world & taking the market of Hollywood & Bollywood It was produced in Somalia east Africa & is considered to be one of the best serials recently produced.

It is an important part of Somali cinema, and has flourished over the years, delivering entertainment to audiences in Somalia, and more recently prospering in the Arab world and in rare cases, the United States. The first movies exhibited in the Somalia 1995 film,

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