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Jawari accuses President Farmajo of fueling the political tensions

Jawari accuses President Farmajo of fueling the political tensions

Lower House Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari on Tuesday accused  President Mohamed Farmaajo of rubbing salt into his wound barely four days after a presidential intervention put off a session to debate on the no-confidence motion against Jawari.

In a press conference, Jawari said the President had been pleading with him to resign since Saturday rather than resolving the crisis.

“Rather than mediating the political crisis, he is asking me to resign and I will not resign. I came here through the ballot and will go through the ballot,” said Jawari.

The embattled speaker remains defiant in the face of the impeachment motion, saying that he decided to release this information to the public following what he called the President’s hidden plan to oust him. 

“I tell the people of Somalia that the President failed to solve the political crisis, I never thought that they would negotiate with me over my resignation,” he told the reporters.

He said the proponents of the motion have been given clearance to hold a session to unset him on Wednesday.

“I agreed with the President to allow ten days in which we would find a solution for the stand-off, but the motion against me has been allowed proceed which indicates that the President is happy with it,” he criticised the President.

The protracted political crisis between the Executive and Legislative branches of government will culminate in a closely-watched, politically charged motion which will be tabled on Wednesday.

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