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Jawari denies accepting cash bribes for resignation

Jawari denies accepting cash bribes for resignation

Somalia’s Lower House outgoing speaker, Mohamed Jawari on Thursday vehemently refuted claims that he received millions of dollars to bow out of the office barely two days after he conceded to leave the office.

Jawari dismissed the allegations on social media which accused the former speaker of taking money in exchange for his resignation,  He said he quit without asking and without receiving any financial compensation.

“There are people who circulated unfounded reports which claim that I had taken millions of money in return of my exit, I am on oath and I can confirm before you that no money was used to buy my resignation,” said Jawari.

Rumours of a pay-off were fuelled by a seizure of nearly $ 10 million USD from authorities from a Royal Jet airliner at Mogadishu’s international airport. The ‘myster cash’ arrived the day before Jawari announced his resignation. UAE has maintained that the money was for the salaries of UAE-trained soldiers. \

The former speaker said he had dropped his ambition to lead house to allow the House reunification after a month-long political crisis.

“No specific group has won the conflict but Supremacy the constitution and constancy to the House Rule of Procedure are the guidelines and rules to be followed. Having seen the situation which would have left a bad image in our country’s history, the best option was to give up,” he explained.

Ironically pointing out the moves to take-over the parliament by the executive, Jawari said he considered to rescued the House of the People and to avert bloodshed

“When it looked like someone was claiming power, I realized our differences could lead to bloodshed. I could not allow anyone to be harmed because of me.”

The 73-year-old man who worked for Somali government for half century said called upon the MPs to defend the independence of the House and separation of powers.

 “If violated (the constitution), it will lead to authoritarianism and abuse of power, we should always abide by the law,” Jawari told MPs.

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