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Jubbaland launches first tarmac road in Kismayu since 1970s

Jubbaland has commissioned a 38km road construction in Kismayu, the first since the 1970s, when country enjoyed a semblance of peace and tranquillity.

Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe launched the construction of the project  dubbed as Somali Urban Resilience Project on Wednesday, saying it would improve roads infrastructural development in Kismayu city.

Madobe said it was only possible to launch such a project following the ousting of al Shabaab terror group, which has seen the port city attract investors from local and Somalia diaspora community.

Kenya Army led the liberation of Kismayu port on September 28, 2012 following an attack by sea, air and ground forces in what was called Operation Sledge Hammer.

He said the increase of both heavy commercial vehicles serving the port and commuter cars need proper road network to make Kismayu an attractive economic hub
According to president Madobe, the project will be in phases and will be executed in one year. The construction of first 8km of project has already begun.

Chonging Overseas Construction Corporation, a Chinese company, will implement the project that Madobe said is expected to transform the coastal city.

“I urge you [residents] to give this project the necessary support it deserves and ensure the construction is successful and achieved without any interruption,” Madobe said.


He said Jubbaland administration was committed to rolling out several  infrastructural development projects  but warned construction companies and state departments against shoddy work.

Madobe was accompanied the state ministers and officials the  construction company.

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