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Kenya: 4 people killed in Mandera Al Shabaab attack

Kenya: 4 people killed in Mandera Al Shabaab attack

At least four people were killed on Thursday night, in Mandera, in what authorities blamed on Al Shabaab.

The four were attacked in Shimbir Fatuma area, a remote location in Mandera town bordering Somalia, according to police and local authorities.

“They were killed at the quarry during the attack and we are pursuing the attackers,” Mohamud Saleh, North Eastern Regional Commander said.

National Police Spokesman Charles Owino too confirmed the killings, and placed the toll at 4.

“The four who were killed were businessmen who were located at the quarry and when the locals got wind of an imminent attack, they opted to remain in the area,” he said.

A senior police officer on the ground who spoke on condition of anonymity said all those at the quarry were non locals.

“The attack was targeting non locals and all those who died are not from here,” he said, “it is a similar attack those in the past when quarry workers were targeted.”

He said police there had been reports of the attacks for the past week, “There was word around about an impending attack but no one knew exactly where. Security was beefed up but it is unfortunate they still managed to penetrate.”

He said 33 others were rescued following the incident.

A major security operation comprising the Kenya Defence Forces, Regular Police and police reservists were Friday morning deployed there to search for the attackes, believed to have escaped to Somalia

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