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Kenya: Disarm reservists for colluding with Somali bandits – Mulyungi

Kenya: Disarm reservists for colluding with Somali bandits – Mulyungi

Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi has accused police reservists of colluding with Somali bandits instead of protesting residents.

“I want their guns to be withdrawn since they cannot be trusted. It is not all of them working with bandits but a few rotten apples,” he said.

Mulyungi spoke at Sosoma when he met residents of Nuu and Nguni yesterday.

He said the reservists were meant to maintain security in Sosoma, Ukasi and Myuuni, but have failed.

The MP said residents cannot continue living in fear of intruders who come in from the neighbouring Tana River county.

“They come disguised as herders, but are bandits. Their godfathers are senior people in government. The bandits operate with impunity,” Mulyungi said.

Resident Kilonzi Mue said they have spotted several camels in Sosoma. He accused herders of grazing the animals on their farms and destroying their crops.
No farmer can watch camels ruining their crops, that is why some animals are killed, Mue said.

“The herders have started coming to Mwingi. We fear they’ll start killing people. But this time round, we are not ready to be killed.

“These bandits don’t know what peace is. Killing people does not seem like a big deal to them,” Mue said.

Mulyungi told police to drive away the camels and herders. If they resist they should be arrested to forestall a clash between locals and herders, he said.

The MP said he would pay for fuel, and police should not give lame excuses.

The police reservists were deployed by former Interior minister the late Joseph Nkaissery in 2017. following a spate of killings by bandits.

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