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Kenyan doctor abducted by militants, taken to Somalia

Kenyan Security forces on Saturday have launched a rescue operation for unidentified gunmen from Somalia who abducted a Kenyan doctor in Fino, Mandera County.

According to police, the four-armed men on Friday abducted three people from the Fino Health Centre, two were locals from the area while the doctor was not.

The two locals were later released before the militants and the doctor passed through the Kenya-Somalia border.

Police suspect the abductors, thought to be members of the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab group are in possession of medical equipment and medicine.

Days later, Robow who was driving the car in which the doctors were traveling, was charged with terrorism for alleged complicity in the kidnapping of the medics.

Robow faced five counts including the commissioning of a terrorist act, kidnapping, and hostage-taking, aiding and abetting a terrorist act, and obtaining Kenyan registration by false pretense. He denied all the charges.

On Wednesday, February 16, Nairobi principal magistrate Martha Nanzushi ruled that Robow was guilty of kidnapping the medics and aiding a terrorist act.

She said the prosecution did not prove Robow was a Somali national as had been earlier claimed. “I find the accused guilty on counts one, two, three, and four as charged. No sufficient evidence adduced to this court in respect to count five,” the magistrate said.

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