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Over 300 police officers sit African Union-Somali Mission exams

Over 300 police officers sit African Union-Somali Mission exams

KAMPALA. 326 Police Officers from Uganda Police Force have sat for the Assistance to Mission Support Examinations.

The exams set by the African Union were conducted at Youth Sharing Hall in Nsambya.

According to AIGP Grace Turyagumanawe, Director Peace Support Operations in Uganda Police Force, successful candidates will be deployed to peace mission in Somalia.

“Today we are examining 326 police officers from the Uganda Police Force undergoing an Assistance to Mission Support Exam by African Union from Addis-Ababa. These exams will make them ready to be deployed in Somalia under the AMISOM arrangement,” AIGP Turyagumanawe said before the commencement of the exercise on Thursday.

The officers were tested in oral and comprehension in English and report writing.

Successful candidates will be subjected to a driving test and range exercises later.

“These are individual Police Officers who will help to secure Somalia in providing training, mentoring and other services as far as Somalia security is concerned,” he added.

He noted that the officers will also get exposure to international policing and experience.

“So, when they come back, they bring a rich and a wider experience and also the money paid to them helps in supporting the economy and improving their own welfare,” AIGP Turyagumanawe noted adding, “We always encourage Police Officers to participate in these international missions. So, always take note of our advertisements and Police messages.”

Aderemi Adeoye, the Police Coordinator in the Peace Support Divisions of African Union Commission highlighted the reasons for deployment of Police officers to participate in peace keeping missions.

“We have a mandate given by the peace and Security Council of the AU to train the Somali Police, mentor them and advise them in the course of discharging their duties with the aim of building the capacity of the Somali Police Force and provide policing services for the Somali people,” he said.

Apart from providing a critical number of personnel, the Uganda Police Force also provides leadership and as a matter of fact, the current Head of AMISOM Police Component is a Ugandan, CP Christine Alaru.

Due to Police-AMISOM deployment, the Force has trained over 1000 Somali National Police Officers.

Uganda is part of the six Somali troop-contributing countries that include Sierra Leon, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Zambia.

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