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Parliamentary elections Committee ends registration of speakership candidates

Parliamentary elections Committee ends registration of speaker ship candidates

The Parliamentary Elections committee officially concluded the registration of candidates on Tuesday ahead of the election of the Lower House Speaker slated for 30th April.

With two days of candidate nomination, the committee had so far registered over six contenders who will vie for the office of the speaker.

In a statement, the electoral team directed the several ministers vying for the speakership to resign from their ministerial posts, for them to contest.

So far, four ministers have complied with the directive by resigning from their offices yesterday and today before attaining their nomination forms.

Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman, Defense minister who is vying for the office of the speaker announced his resignation on Tuesday afternoon and was the last minister to step down,

Abdirahman who once served as Somalia’s ambassador to Turkey took the office last year after his predecessor, Abdirashid Abdullahi quit the office

Minister for Water, Salim Ibrow, State Minister for Trade, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed and deputy minister interior, Issack Yarow have also exited their offices.

The candidates are expected to deliver their campaign speeches on 25th and 26th before the parliamentarians head the poll to elect the new speaker.

Mohamed Osman Jawari who was Speaker since 2012, resigned from the office early this month following a tense month-long political stand-off.

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