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Planning Minister Gamal Hassan locked out of parliamentary race in Bosaso

Federal Planning Minister Gamal Hassan,  close ally of President Mohamed Farmaajo and a fierce political foe of Puntland President Abdullahi Deni was locked out of the parliamentary race today in Bosaso.

Hassan who has had a long running feud with Deni did not participate in today’s election in Bosaso. Sources said Hassan was reportedly in Mogadishu at the time of the vote.

Ali Mahdi Mohamud was elected in the seat contested by Hassan.

Federal State Minister for Finance Mohamud Hayir and his Livestock counterpart Said Hussein Eid were also blocked from contesting according to sources.

The locking out of Hassan is seen a blow to Farmaajo and adds to the supremacy battles between Farmaajo and Federal Member State presidents.

Hassan had pointed fingers at the Deni administration for the February 19 bombing in Bosaso which claimed at least two lives.

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