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PM Roble affirms April 14 swearing in of newly elected legislators

Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has affirmed April 14 as the official day for the newly elected lawmakers to be sworn into office.

The PM’s office said Wednesday the Premier held talks with Abdikarin Buhu, the General Secretary of the Lower House and his Upper House counterpart Ali Jamah in preparation for the swearing-in ceremony.

The PM’s office confirmed that the exercise would occur by next month, as declared by the Federal Indirect Elections Team (FIET). 

President Farmajo’s supporters and his regional allies have pushed back against the PM’s decision to schedule the swearing-in ceremony, arguing that the PM did not have the power to arrange it.

Out of the 275 seats of the Lower House, only 26 remain to be filled. Hir-Shabelle is yet to elect 10 MPs, while Jubaland remains with 16 seats.


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