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PM Roble leaves for UAE for high-level meetings

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble left for the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, weeks after announcing that his government will improve relations with the Gulf state.

The trip would mark the Prime Minister’s first visit to the United Arab Emirates since taking office. 

PM Roble’s travel to the UAE comes at a time of heightened election turmoil and a bitter feud between him and President Farmajo – who is supported by Qatar.

Earlier this month, Roble apologized to the UAE for having their money seized by Somali intelligence at Mogadishu airport in April 2018, promising to return it to the UAE.

On Sunday, the Banadir Regional Court ruled that the money remained with Somalia’s central bank until an investigation was completed. Legal observers have noted that the court does not have the legal jurisdiction to adjudicate the case. 

The UAE has maintained good relations with Puntland and Jubbaland regional administrations, assisting with development projects and training its troops. 

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