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President Farmajo leaves for Saudi Arabia to attend Arab League Summit

President Farmajo leaves for Saudi Arabia to attend Arab League Summit

The President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo will be attending 29th Arab League Summit which will kick off Sunday in Saudi Arabia.

The President along other delegates including MPs and ministers flew to Dammam town to attend the conference.

Speaking to the reporters in Mogadishu, the director of Villa Somalia, Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed said Somali delegates would be holding talks with other Arab leaders.

“The President will be addressing the the participants of the conference and during his stay  (in Saudi Arabia) he will hold talks with other Arab leaders over Somalia’s situation,” said Ahmed.

The delegation of the President will be recieved at airport by the leaders Saudi Arabia and Somali Foriegn minister, Ahmed Isse Awad.

Minister Awad who reached Saudi Arabia on Thursday attended the preparatory meeting on Friday ahead of the Summit.

According to Saudi Arabia’s Minister for Foriegn Affairs, Adel Al-jubeir, the top agenda of the conference will be Palestinian status.

Al-Jubeir had lambasted US decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem town saying the move will hamper the international efforts to end Arab-Israel conflict in Middle East.

“We extend our support to the Palestinians’ right to establish their homeland based on the 1967 lines with the capital city Jerusalem, as stated in the international resolutions and Arab peace initiative,” said Al-Jubeir during his speech at foreign ministers’ preparatory meeting on Friday.

The administration of  Trump has recognised Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and declared to the US embassy to be located in Jerusalem.

The heads of state of Arab League will discuss the civil wars in Syria and Yemen.

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