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Puntland president sacks Intelligence and Security chiefs

Puntland president sacks Intelligence and Security chiefs

Puntland president, Abdiweli Ali Gaas has dismissed the state’s Security and Intelligence chiefs just hours after the state issued a security alert over possible attacks in Garowe.

In a Presidential decree, both the directors of Puntland Intelligence Agency (PIA), Abdirisack Ise Hussein, and the Security forces of Puntland State of Somalia (PSS), Abdullahi Adam Mohamed have been relieved of their duties.

The decree dated 13th June 2018 says the sacking of the officials will take effect on today (Wednesday).

The official document did not provide specific reasons for the dismissal of the two officials.

Puntland police Chief, Farah Abdirahman Warsame issued a security alert on Wednesday morning following intelligence reports of planned Al-Shabaab attacks in Garowe.

“We have information that Al-Shabab plans to stage terror attacks. We also have information that the group plans to use Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) in their attack,” said Warsame.

The official urged the public to be vigilant and to work with the law enforcement agencies to thwart off an attack.

“We are therefore urging members of the public to remain on high alert and be on extra vigilant,” he noted.

Al-Shabab has increased its attacks against the Somali government and its member states.

Last week, the militants attacked a Puntland military base in Bali-Khadar village, the fierce firefight caused the death of dozens of combatants from both sides.

In a statement posted on its affiliate media, Al-Shabab claimed to have over 20 Puntland soldiers.

Puntland on its side displayed over 15 bodies of Suspected Al-Shabab terrorists killed in the attack.

The militant group also carried over ten deadly attacks on SNA bases across the country since the beginning of Ramadan.

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