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Puntland To Elect New President In An Election Ongoing In Garowe

untland state parliament is expected to elect a new president on Tuesday barely a week after its assembly was formed.

According to the polls agency, 21 candidates will participate today’s election which will be held at the state’s administrative capital, Garowe.

The 66 newly sworn in Lawmakers will be electing a new president who will lead Somalia’s oldest regional state for the next five years.

Among potential candidates in this election is the incumbent leader of the state, Abdiweli Gaas who has been ruling the state for the last five years.

Gaas, a former Prime minister of the federal government will face stiff competition from several former federal and regional leaders and other potential candidates.

The main rivals of Gaas in the contest include Abdi Farah Saed Juha, former regional Education and Federal Interior Minister, Said Abdullahi Deni, a former federal minister for planning.

Others are General Said Mohamed Hersi, a former head of Puntland’s army who has commanded the offensive against Islamist militants, and Ali Isse Abdi, an economist with a background in accounting and finance.
The security of Garowe town was beefed up and venue the election secured by hundreds of security forces.

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