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Qatar Charity joins NGO alliance in Somalia

Qatar Charity (QC) has joined the NGO Alliance in Somalia and participated in the recent coalition meeting held in the capital Mogadishu in the presence of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of Somalia, Hamza Saeed Hamza, and Minister of Labour, Saleh Ahmed Jamea, the Humanitarian Coordinator for the United Nations in Somalia, Peter de Klerk, and a large number of directors of the offices of global humanitarian bodies.

Qatar Charity (QC) joins the alliance as part of its strategic approach to boosting its presence within the international humanitarian system and its keenness to co-ordinate international aid efforts across the world in co-operation with non-governmental organisations.

The NGO Alliance was established in Somalia in 1999 and currently has 98 local and international humanitarian bodies and has evolved into an effective network of NGOs working to co-ordinate international aid, raising the presence of non-governmental organisations in the structure of aid co-ordination in Somalia. 

The Alliance runs its local affairs in Somalia through its offices in Hargeisa, Garwi, Mogadishu and Nairobi, and the NGO Alliance itself is a member of a number of important international alliances.
Qatar Charity’s joining the NGO Alliance in Somalia opens opportunities for it to join other humanitarian alliances and partnerships with major international organisations. 

This kind of co-ordination platform provides a safer framework for law enforcement and operations, enhancing Qatar’s philanthropic image within the humanitarian system, and opens the door for its participation in the United Nations policy-making process.

The Qatar Charity (QC) Office in Somalia participates in a number of co-ordination meetings for humanitarian organisations in Somalia, such as the monthly meetings of the OIC and the OCHA co-ordination meetings, as well as coordination meetings organised by Somali government agencies.
Qatar Charity joined the StartNetwork in February 2016 as an observer, before being granted full membership by the Board of Directors in November 2017 after fulfilling all membership requirements.

The UK-based StartNetwork has 42 international and regional organisations, one of the largest non-governmental humanitarian organizations in the world, and provides quick and effective humanitarian assistance to those affected in areas of humanitarian crises.

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