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Qatari-Turkish campaign provides aid to flood victims in Somalia

Qatari-Turkish campaign provides aid to flood victims in Somalia

Some 5,000 Somali families have availed of the aid provided by a joint Qatari-Turkish campaign to help flood victims in Baldwin, Somalia. 

This is the first humanitarian initiative to respond to relief calls by flood victims in this city located in the centre of the country.

Qatar Charity (QC), jointly with Turkish TIKA Foundation and Turkish Red Crescent, oversaw the campaign that provided food and shelter assistance.

Flooding in the city of Baldwin was caused by high water levels in the Shabelle river, produced by rainfall on the mountains of Ethiopia. It displaced about 100,000 households and caused material damage to land, markets and food stores.

The campaign provided assistance and food to 5,000 affected families, as well as plastic wraps, drinking water, toilet facilities and medical services for those affected in the camps.

According to Somali reports, some 26,000 families are now living in camps for the displaced, who have left their homes and are dependent on humanitarian aid.

Mohamed Abdi, head of Hirshabelle State, said the water inundated vast tracts of land and almost destroyed the infrastructure of the city. He thanked QC, TIKA Foundation and the Turkish Red Crescent for their quick response to relief their affected brothers.

In turn, the Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled praised the humanitarian role of Qatar and Turkey in Somalia, describing it as a positive role.

He stressed that the Somali people will remember the generosity of those who stood by their side in various circumstances and crises, revealing that the Somali government is working to rehabilitate the affected areas in co-operation with its partners through programs of development and restoration of stability. 

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