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QFBA hosts diplomatic delegation from Somalia

The Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) recently hosted, in co-ordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a high-level diplomatic delegation from Somalia. 

The 12-member delegation visited the country to learn more about Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and its subsidiaries.

QBA head of Sales and Marketing Dr Mohamed al-Emadi, who received the delegation, said: “QFBA offers training for the entire professional segment of the financing sector, including staff from the most junior to the most executive level. We identify the needs within the economy in general and the specific needs of the relevant organizations to design a product that they deem fit for their organizational growth.

“QFBA has a wide range of courses, including short courses and those that prepare students for international professional tests, as well as four-year university programmes. These undergraduates come under Northumbria University, though we issue our own certificates for our training programmes. We also have various custom-designed courses for on-job training as well as experiential training.”

During a presentation before the visiting delegation, QFC Product Development manager Leila al-Jufairi said: “Qatar boasts one of the strongest and fastest growing economies in the Mena region, and the Qatar Financial Centre’s unique platform continues to facilitate ease in business set-up for entities wishing to expand to Qatar and beyond. 

“The QFC operates in line with international best practice and standards offering word class regulation, a fair and transparent tax regime, and an English common law framework. The value of our unbeatable framework is recognised by regulated financial services institutions worldwide.”

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