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Roadside Bombing Injures 4 in Mogadishu

Police in Mogadishu said four people were injured Thursday when a roadside bomb detonated as their vehicle traveled through the Taleh neighborhood.

A police officer who spoke to VOA from the scene confirmed that three Turkish nationals and their Somali driver were wounded. The officer said the Turkish nationals were in Mogadishu for private business.

According to the police, the businessmen may have been the target of the bombing.

Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack over Radio Andalus.

Thursday’s bombing wasn’t the first time Turkish nationals visiting Somalia had been attacked.

Turkey plays a major role in Somalia’s recovery efforts, training the country’s security forces and undertaking vast infrastructure projects. It also operates its biggest foreign military base in Mogadishu, where it trains Somali troops.

The latest attack came as the country has repeatedly delayed its elections, missing deadlines and creating an uncertainty that makes the country vulnerable to attacks by insurgents.

Militants have recently increased attacks to undermine the ongoing electoral process.


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