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Sacked PSF commander Diyano turns down Deni’s order to exit in first meeting in Bosaso

A meeting between Puntland President Abdullahi Deni and sacked Puntland Security Forces (PSF) boss Mohamud Diyano in Bosaso on Tuesday hit a brick wall after both sides stood ground following months of wrangles over the leadership of the force once supported by the US.

HOL has learnt that Diyano declined Deni’s position to step down as head of PSF calling on the Puntland leader to honour demands from his clan elders. Deni had reportedly asked Diyano to exit the force but it was not clear on what terms.

The two sides met on Tuesday for the first time since Deni announced the sacking of Diyano on 24 November, 2021.


Following the directive, Diyano stood ground sparking a stand-off that has persisted to date. Tensions between the two sides reached fever-pitch in December when forces loyal to Deni clashed with Diyano-led faction of PSF in Bosaso resulting in deaths and displacement of locals.

Diyano’s clan has demanded Deni retains the sacked PSF commander but the Puntland leader has maintained PSF must have a new head.

Sources said the two sides will meet again today.

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