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Seven dead in Mogadishu after landmine blast targets military officer

Local government officials said that half a dozen people were killed on Monday after a military vehicle ran over a landmine near Banaadir junction in Mogadishu.

The explosion occurred today on the road that connects Banadir and Digfer junctions in Hodan district of Mogadishu city, and independent reports confirmed that the blast killed seven people, including soldiers and civilians. ‎

A Somali military officer named General Mohamed Hashi Guled was reportedly the target of the attack. The vehicle was heading to the Ministry of Defense Headquarters.

Two of General Mohamed’s bodyguards were reportedly killed in the attack.

“The dead included a soldier guarding the targeted officer, his driver, and a civilian walking along the road at the blast,” a witness told HOL.

‎Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for a landmine explosion. The Al Qaeda-linked military insurgency often uses such attacks to target Somali army officers and officials.‎

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