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Somali army destroy al-Shabab’s networks in southern region

Somali army destroy al-Shabab’s networks in southern region

The Somali National Army (SNA) destroyed al-Shabab militants’ networks on Saturday in locations near Qoryoley town in lower Shabelle town in southern Somalia, officials said Sunday.

Army Commander Mohamed Mohamud Gutale told State-owned radio the military operation targeted militants’ strongholds and successfully destroyed the terrorists’ equipment.

“Well-planned military operation destroyed al-Shabab networks in this region on Saturday, we captured some militant members during the operation where terrorists used to prepare explosive elements,” Gutale said.

He did not comment on the number of militants who were captured during the operation by the SNA or the number of casualties on the SNA side and if they were international partners who accompanied them in the operation so far.

Gutale said the militant group in January completely destroyed one of two main bridges in Qoryoley town with landmine explosion. The bridge was very important to the movement of people and goods in the region. 

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