Somali Forces Carry Out Massive Security Sweep In Mogadishu

Somali forces have carried out a massive security sweep in Mogadishu days after Al Shabaab launched a deadly siege at Naasa Hablod 2 hotel in the capital that left 27 dead.

The government troops searched villages in Wardhigley, Bondhere and Yaqshid districts in Benadir region during the night, and detained at least 20 people linked to Al Shabaab.

Police officials said the suspects are now being held in government custody in Mogadishu, where they are undergoing an interrogation over the recent attacks in the city.

Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for several car bombings and assassinations in Mogadishu, targeting high-profile buildings, including Naasa Hablod Two, 29th Oct 2017.