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Somali forces kill suicide bomber, seize vehicle

Somali National Army (SNA) said Thursday its special forces, Danab, killed a suicide bomber and seized a vehicle laden with explosive devices in the southern region of Kimsayo on Wednesday.

Radio Mogadishu reported that two other al-Shabab terrorists responsible for coordinating roadside blasts were killed after detonating three landmines during the string operation carried out in Beer Xaani and Gabdhoole areas, about 40 km from Kismayo.

“Somali National Army has captured explosives-laden vehicle and killed its driver who was believed to be a suicide bomber near Berhano village under Kimsayo district on Wednesday,” the state-owned radio reported.

Military officials said the driver who was believed to be a suicide bomber could have been planning to carry out attacks on delegates who are due to elect members of the Lower House in Kismayo.

Somalia, which has already missed several deadlines, expects to complete the remaining 39 of 275 seats in Hirshabelle, Jubaland and Puntland states by the end of the month.

Al-Shabab militants who have vowed to disrupt the ongoing electoral process have staged a series of attacks, targeting delegates in bid to disrupt the electoral process.


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