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Somali government seizes $9.6 Million from an UAE plane

Somali government seizes $9.6 Million from an UAE plane

An UAE Cargo plane loaded with over nine million U.S. dollars was on Sunday intercepted at Adan-Adde International Airport.

A security official at Mogadishu Airport said they seized three suitcases containing $9.6 million from the Boeing 737/700 told Hiiraan Online that Royal Jet operated flight arrived from the capital city of United Arab Emirates  (UAE), Abu Dhabi.

“The plane which is owned by an UAE company landed at Adan Adde International Airport shortly after 2:30 ( local time). The plane flew from Abu Dhabi,” said the officer.

He said the security officials of the airport suspected the plane after the crew failed to disclose the information of the plane.

“The officials met the pilot and two other people who disembarked from the plane but they (the pilot and his crew) were reluctant. Then security officials conducted a thorough search of the plane,” he noted.

The official confirmed that the security officials discovered that plane was carrying over $9.6 Million USD.

” After searching, the officials founded bags of money. One of the passengers of the plane told the officials that the planes $9.6 Million Dollar,” he said.

The officer said he was ordered to offload the consignment.

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