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Somali lawmakers to submit motion against Berbera Port deal

Somali lawmakers to submit motion against Berbera Port deal

Somali lawmakers are carrying out plans to submit motion against Berbera Port deal, Lawmaker confirmed.

Mohamud Abukate, a member of Somali’s Lower House spoke to the media has called the tripartite deal to manage Berbera Port as illegal.

Abukate said the complaint against the agreement between Somaliland, Ethiopia and DP World was underway as dozens have already supported the move.

“This motion is totally different from the previous ones, this controversial deal indicates the violations against the legislative arm of the government,” said Abukate.

The move comes two days after Somaliland signed a deal with Ethiopia and DP World in the United Arab Emirates.

Somaliland has refuted Somali government’s dismissal of  Berbera deal saying it has the right to sign an agreement with any partner.

“Even though Somaliland was not recognized as a state, yet Somaliland has a constitution that 97% of its people voted for. therefore the constitution grants the right to ink an agreement with entity,” Somaliland Information minister, Abdirahman Abdullahi Farah.

The agreement between Somaliland and DP World whose first phase was signed in 2016 allows the Dubai based company to manage the Berbera Port for 30 years.

Somaliland which once was part of Somalia had declared to be independent country although the international community is yet to recognize it’s soverignty.

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