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Somali parliament approves $340m budget for 2019

Somali Parliament on Sunday endorsed a 340-million-U.S.-dollar budget for 2019 to fund Somali government operations.

175 lawmakers present in the House passed the budget that will fund key development projects and pay for civil servants salaries and the military.

The budget for next year which is $340,060,149 was approved by the cabinet in October.

The government expects $189.9m (55.8%) from internal sources, while it anticipates $124.6m (44.2%) from the donor community.

The figure is about 24 per cent rise from last year’s $274.6 million budget.

Finance Minister Abdirahman Beileh hailed the House approval as crucial to allowing the government to meet its development priorities.

“I thank the Somali Parliament for approval the Budget for the year 2019. This shows that the National Government, the Ministry of Finance, will never slow down its efforts to serve the public,” Beileh said in a Twitter post

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