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Somali parliament bans DP World world from Somalia

Somali parliament bans DP World world from Somalia

Somali parliament on Monday banned the DP World from Somalia barely two weeks after Emirati ports operator unveiled its agreement with Ethiopia and Somaliland.

In a hotly debated session, Somali lawmakers jointly declared the company a threat to the country’s sovereignty, independence and unity.

“DP World had deliberately infringed on the country’s sovereignty there for it has been banned from operating in the country,” reads resolution issued after the session.

The resolution said the agreement between Ethiopia, Somaliland and DP World was against the country’s Provisional Constitution .

“Any agreement engaged in a country or organization which is not based on the provisional constitution of Somalia is null and void, therefore all the deals signed with Dubai Port World are invalid as they are against the country’s constitution, foreign investment regulations and other regulations of the country,” the resolution ruled.

The move comes barely a day after Somali president warned the foreign countries and companies against breaching the country’s sovereignty.

“Whoever wishes to engage investment in Somalia should seek the permission from the legal institutions of the government. Somalia’s foreign policy is based on neutralism and mutual respect,” he told the opening session of parliament.

The ban will also affect the agreement between Puntland state and DP World’s P&O ports which was granting the company to manage the port for 30 years.

“I am warning companies and countries not to cross the line and put to question the sovereignty of Somalia”.

Early this month, Dubai announced a tripartite agreement dividing the Berbera port between DP World (51%), the Ethiopian government (19%), and Somaliland (30%).

The Somali government‘s ministry ports had previous termed the deal as null and void.

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