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Somali Parliament’s Session Postponed Over Confusion

Somali Parliament’s Session Postponed Over Confusion

The Lower House chamber of Somalia’s Federal parliament has postponed its scheduled Wednesday session after confusion over text messages sent to the lawmakers from two opposing sides in the house.

The outgoing Speaker of the Lower House Mohamed Osman Jawari who resigned Monday was expected to deliver his resignation speech to the House on Wednesday morning, April 11.

The deputy and acting speaker of the house, Abdiweli Ibrahim Mudey has sent last night messages to the MPs, informing them that the planned session was canceled until further notice.

Similar messages have been dispatched to the parliamentarians by the office of Jawari, calling on the lawmakers to attend the sitting on Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. local time.

The conflicting messages led to the postponement of today’s parliament session, becoming the 12th sitting to be rescinded since March due to the political standoff besetting the country’s national assembly.

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