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‎Somali police chief says they are doubling security in Mogadishu ‎

The commander of the Somali police force, General Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijar, said that the police are tightening the security in Mogadishu ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holidays to prevent Alshabab from committing acts of terror.‎

The commander chaired a meeting on the country’s security and said many police officers were killed this time last year.

‎The police chief also said there is a need to pressure election security. Hijar sent a message to the various government forces, urging them to work on security and conclude the country’s elections peacefully. Hijar said that he hopes that a new government is seated by next month.

‎Hijar’s statement came days after facing accusations from lawmakers tasked with organizing the house leadership elections. On Wednesday, the federal Minister of Interior suspended Hijar for allegedly interfering in the parliamentary sessions.

General Hijar has denied the allegations against him.


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