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Somali Troops Take Over Town After Al-Shabaab Retreat

Somali Troops Take Over Town After Al-Shabaab Retreat

Somalia’s Federal Government forces took over a town in Hiran region on Wednesday morning after Al-Shabaab militants withdrew from the area.

The Somali army backed by Ethiopian troops under AMISOM attacked the district from different directions during the night, forcing Al-Shabab fighters to pull out from their bases.

The local residents reported heavy exchange of gunfire erupted early in the morning as the armored vehicle and the tanks of the allied troops have been rolling into the town.

The Somali and AU forces encountered a heavy resistance during the take over of the key area in central Somalia, but, the number of casualties in the gun battle is still unclear.

The town has been under Al-Shabaab control since 2016 and was the main operations hub for the militants fighting against Somali government and the African Union forces [AMISOM].

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